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Cherokee County Paranormal Society

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Welcome to Cherokee County Paranormal Society's Case Studies

We welcome any new information, comments or photos based on our cases we have listed. Our society respects the privacy of people or places we visit, so not all cases are listed or the information has been changed or blurred out for privacy reasons.

Case 201061213: Harshaw Chapel Harshaw Chapel, Murphy NC
Location: Murphy, North Carolina
N 35° 05.077 W 084° 01.970  or  16S E 770521 N 3886455 
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Background: Harshaw Chapel and Cemetery is a historic Methodist chapel and cemetery at Church and Central Streets in Murphy, North Carolina.  The chapel was built by Joshua Harshaw, who was a prominent slaveholder.  It was built in 1869 and added to the National Register in 1984.

Legend Has It: Abraham Lincoln's father, Abram Enloe is buried here.  There is the original hanging tree still growing on the outskirt of the graveyard.  During multiple investigations, CCPS has seen and record various personalities that reside in the graveyard area, in the structure, and randomly throughout the grounds. 

This is also the location of the "Dare Grave" of Mary and of the White Lady.

Team members: Barbara, Keith, Lori, Rick, Jeff, Jon, Austin, Jordan, Eric, Jade, Jennifer
Equipment Used: 3 K2 meters, 1 K3 meter, 3 digital Cameras, 2 Cam Recorders, 2 Frank Boxes and 3 digital Voice Recorders
Ghost Weather: New Moon, M Class Flare

Case 2010082829: Tilly Bend

Tilly Bend Headstone Marker, Blue Ridge GA 

Location: Blue Ridge, Georgia
N 34° 47.52 W 084° 14.51  or  34.7978628  -84.2474162 
Click here for case photos         Case Report:

Tilly Bend Revisited Photos

Background: Est. early 1800's. A church in the woods with a bloody past that surround the grounds.

Legend Has It:  Around 1900 the Tilley and the Stanley families were having a feud. One Sunday during services, a group of the Stanley's came to the church and started shooting into the church, killing several of the Tilleys. Not to be outdone, the Tilley clan went into Stanley gap and killed several of the Stanley's. The story goes that Elizabeth Jane was an Indian Creek witch and was so angry with the killing that she placed a curse on the church that there would be no babies born alive. This is the reason there are so many unmarked baby graves there. The babies died for many years and in 1906 the congregation hanged Elizabeth Jane from the tree she is buried under.  Because, they thought she was a witch she was buried facing west. The babies continued to die and exactly one year later they hanged Mary, who was her sister in law. Strange fact is there are only 3 Tilley's burried there. Benjamin Tilley, who founded the church, is buried in Ellijay. It is also true that Elizabeth Janes grave is facing west Rather than the east which is customary.

Team members: Keith, Lori, Rick, Jeff, Jon, Jennifer, Rudy, Audry and Marissa
Special Thanks to the Fannin Co. Sheriff Dept. for keeping the peace that night.  Thanks to all the Fans that  showed up to help with the investigation and debunking some of the local myths.
Equipment Used: 4 K2 meters, 1 K3 meter, 3 digital Cameras, 2 Cam Recorders, 2 Frank Boxes and 3 digital Voice Recorders
Ghost Weather: Waning Gibbous Moon 59%, Class C, Very low due to eclipse.  Time: 4pm ~ 1:30am

Case 201000930: Old Murphy Jailhouse

Old Murphy Jail House 1922 

Location: Historic Downtown Murphy, North Carolina
35.0872   -84.03306
Click here for case photos         Case Report:

Background: The 1922 Jailhouse being torn down for the expansion of the courthouse.  Several suicides and where
Eric Rudolph was placed when first caught.

Legend Has It:  Many sightings have been seen at this old jailhouse that no longer stands.  Voices and shadows that lurked around the cells, African-Americans that were placed in the based during a rain storm that flooded, drowning them all and the local town drunk "Old Bill" that reformed in the jail to later help all who came through those barred doors has been seen and heard by all.

Team members: Keith, Lori, Jon, Barbara H, Barbara V, Rudy and Audry
A special thanks to the Murphy Police Dept. for keeping a lookout for any "jailbirds" that might escape while we were looking around.  Thanks Officer Wooten.
Equipment Used: 2 K2 meters, 4 digital Cameras,  2 Frank Boxes and 2 digital Voice Recorders
Ghost Weather: Waning Gibbous Moon 50%, Class C, Very low due to last quarter.  Time: 7:30pm ~ 9:30pm. We were not allowed to be in the condemned building for no more than 2 hours per the city officials.  The following morning the old jailhouse was demolished.

Case 20130216: Wheatlands Plantation

Wheatlands Plantation

Location: Sevierville, TN
35°55′7″N   83°40′6″W
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Background: The host location is an 1820 Federal Style Plantation Home that has seen over 70 murders and deaths in the house itself. The plantation also holds a Burial Mound with the bodies of 27 Natives that were massacred before the Revolutionary War along with over 50 African Slave Grave Sites. It is a Revolutionary War Battle Site, a Civil War Headquarter and encampment and sits along an Indian Trail.  The house, built by a Freemason was purposely constructed on top of a giant geode.

Wheatlands, named after its large annual wheat crop, was established as a family farm by Revolutionary War veteran Timothy Chandler in the 1790s. Chandler's son, John Chandler (1786–1875), inherited Wheatlands in 1819, and under his direction the plantation grew to become one of Sevier County's largest farms, covering 3,700 acres (1,500 ha) by 1850. Chandler's freed slaves inherited part of Wheatlands in 1875, and formed the Chandler Gap community in the hills south of the plantation

Legend Has It: Many sightings have been seen at this plantation house over the years.  LIttle slave children have been seen running around on the grounds.  A little blond girl in a blue dress has been seen within the house running up and down the stairs to name a few.   Shadows and objects have been reported to move in the barn and gravesite areas as well.

Team members: Keith, Jon, Price and Susan
Equipment Used: 2 K2 meters, 4 digital Cameras, 2 Frank Boxes and 2 digital Voice Recorders
Ghost Weather: Super cold!!!  New Moon. Average temperature was around 10 F°.

Case 20131109: Thomas House Hotel - Coming soon...

Thomas House Hotel - Cherokee County Paranormal Society

Location: Red Boiling Springs, TN.

Revisit with video on 1/25/15: Youtube or Facebook


Built in 1890, as a resort spa to the elite, it has been witness to 3 fires, deaths, numerous murders, accidents and even a one time home for a cult. The location also sits atop an underground spring and limestone, is on the intersect of two creeks and a crossroad and also sits on the path of an ancient Indian Trail.

Legend Has It:

Moving Beds, Dark Figures, Cold Spots, Disembodied Voices and Feelings of Terror.  For more information, can visit

Team members: Jon, Price, Patti and Susan, not pictured Mark
Equipment Used: K2, Ovilus III, EVP recorders, IR video wireless cameras, digital cameras, ghost meter pro, Spirit Box SB-11 with REM and SDD, FLIR Gun.
Ghost Weather:  M-Class low, Quiet Flares, Temp. 28, moon 26% visible

More Cases coming...

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